millennium3 Financial Services

Why join millennium3

Your business profile and clients are protected

millennium3 encourages advisers to focus on their clients and their own business. You own your brand and your business collateral, including Statements of Advice, show your business name, your logo and your business details.

Furthermore, our advisers retain their own client list - millennium3's agreement clearly states that you own the client relationship.

You retain your client focus in the advice you give

millennium3's Approved Product List is extensive and together with millennium3 approved model portfolios gives you lots of scope for developing client plans that focus on client needs.

Ultimately, you choose what strategies, products and managers you recommend. Investment managers, including OnePath and ANZ, the Group owner, must 'earn the right' to any business written by advisers.

You have the freedom and flexibility to run your business

millennium3 may recommend and support specific software but you choose the business software that suits your business.

Furthermore, millennium3 remits your commissions weekly so practice operations are sustained by a regular cash flow.

You enjoy the security and support of a large, institutionally owned advisory group

millennium3 has the size, scale and resources to:

  • Give you confidence in your advice and advice processes.
  • millennium3 support your advice process and enable you to deliver quality advice.
  • millennium3 support your business - someone is always available to attend to your concern.
  • millennium3 ensure you continue to grow their skills and knowledge.
  • millennium3 work with you and local professionals to facilitate formal and informal referral networks

Talk to millennium3

If you are an adviser who would like to discuss an opportunity to join millennium3, contact our Head Office or our office in your state.